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Celestial Potion


Celestial Potion is a multi-beneficial all-over oil that delivers pure nutrition, and comprehensive support to the face, body, and hair. Celestial Potion features the most nutrient-rich superfoods, and delivers the motherlode of omegas, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and minerals to the skin. Think of this as the most bioavailable topical multivitamin supplement, made with organic plant oils, high-potency herbal extracts, and supercharged with our clinical complex of 20% Bakuchiol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E + CoQ10 for intensive, transformative results.

Engineered to streamline your regimen as the only oil you'll need, our Celestial Potion is the ultimate restorative, reparative, and replenishing powerhouse.

2 fl oz. | 60 ml

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Clean & Green
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We created Celestial Potion to work as the most foundational, multi-beneficial topical product in your regimen. An innovative, highly-nutritive, clinical oil-based potion to streamline your entire beauty ritual for the face, body, and hair.

KEY BENEFITS for the Skin

• Nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL), alleviates dryness, supports skin barrier health - creating soft, supple, plump skin with a smooth texture and radiant complexion.

• Clinical actives reduce the visible signs of aging, and fade the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, even skin tone, brightens the complexion, while boosting skin firmness and elasticity.

• Antioxidants and phytonutrients protect and repair against wide-ranging environmental aggressors that are responsible for premature skin aging.

• Maintain healthy skin microbiome for the face, body, and scalp. Decreasing sensitivity and reactiveness, while improving defenses.

• Increases skin nutrition with deeply nutritive, bio-compatible bioactives for healthy skin with optimized functionality.

KEY BENEFITS for the Body

• Promotes skin elasticity, and firmness.

• Nourishes, and moisturizes for supple, smooth skin.

• Improves barrier function, and prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

• Eases stress, tension, and muscle fatigue.

• Protect, and repair against environmental stressors.

KEY BENEFITS for the Hair & Scalp

• On hair: improves the appearance and texture of hair, while supplementing long-term nourishment.

• On hair: strengthens hair health, reduces breakage, and split ends, thickens thin and brittle strands, while boosting elasticity for more bouncy, lustrous hair.

• Enhances the appearance of hair by smoothing and taming fly-aways and frizz, while adding shine.

• Repairs signs of damage - from induced heat and styling-related damage, to environmental aggressors.

• Stimulates scalp circulation and blood flow to activate hair growth and bring nutrients necessary for healthy development.

• Protect and repair the scalp from advanced environmental exposure (studies indicate the scalp ages 6-7 times faster than the face) with UV-induced photo-aging and stress protective botanicals and active antioxidants to repair damage.

• Create optimal scalp microbiome and improve hair follicle conditions for healthy hair to flourish.

How to Use

Directions: use morning and night. Shake bottle.

Face: apply 1-2 pumps (or as desired) onto freshly cleansed skin. Massage in upward circular motions, gently pressing into the skin.

Body: smooth onto damp skin in long strokes, massage until absorbed.

Hair & Scalp: massage a few pumps through scalp to the tip of hair as a concentrated leave-in treatment for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off in shower. For intensive recovery, leave as an overnight treatment.

Ingredients List

C. sinensis (Green tea) Seed Oil*, M. oleifera (Moringa) Seed Oil*, Carotene Infused (D. Salina (Micro-Algae) Extract* and R. Canine (Rosehip)Fruit Extract*) in Olive-derived Squalane*, Infusion of C. sinensis (Green Tea)*, L. barbarum (Goji Berry)*, I. obliquus (Chaga)*, M. Dubia (Camu Camu) Fruit*, H. rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit* in V. vinifera (Grape Seed) Oil*, C. pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil*, C. sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil*, Bakuchiol**, P. gratissima (Avocado) Oil*, C. longa (Turmeric) Extract*, Z. officinale (Ginger) Extract*, E. arvense (Horsetail) Extract*, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Ubiquinone (CoQ10), T. cacao (Cocoa) Extract*, L. angustifolia (Lavender) Extract*, C. sativus (Cucumber) Extract*, R. officinalis (Rosemary) Extract*, Non-GMO Full Spectrum Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Complex**

* Certified Organic
** Derived from Plant Sources


All of our ingredients are single-sourced, traceable, and third-party tested.

We use the very finest ingredients of the highest quality and purity standards. Our formula is over 90% plant-based, with no fillers, nor additives.

Similar to our ingestibles, we work with local farmers, and all ingredients come from ethically-sourced, single-origin suppliers. Our products are tested for contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, pollution residue, molds, and microbials multiple times including source origin, pre-production, post-production, and with our accredited 3rd party lab.

We utilize proprietary extraction technology that yields high-potency plant extracts to preserves the full pharmacological potential of the plant. Our oil contains high-potency whole plant infusions which are supremely therapeutic. Our labs verify the integrity of every single ingredient. We also use heat-free processes to extract the raw plant material, keeping the nutritional profile intact, resulting in the most bioactive, high-potency ingredients that are primed for maximum absorption and utilization.


25 Powerful Ingredients, All-in-One Formula

When it comes to nutrition, we like to be holistic. As our largest organ, and a vital protective organ, our skin is a prime conduit for nutrition. We developed Celestial Potion as the ultimate all-in-one topical using the most scientifically-backed, beneficial ingredients for the face, body, scalp, and hair.

Celestial Potion is perhaps the most nutrient-packed oil-based topical developed. Here's how this powerful formula works:

① MOISTURIZING - Our formula is packed with omegas, emollients, and essential fatty acids from soothing and nourishing vitamin-rich organic plant oils, including squalane, green tea seed, moringa seed, grape seed, pumpkin seed, hemp seed, and avocado seed, for soft, plump, supple skin.

② NUTRIENT-PACKED - Not only are our fresh organic plant oils full of nutrients, we also incorporate whole-plant infusions of green tea leaves, goji berries, chaga, camu camu fruit, and sea buckthorn fruit, in addition to high-potency herbal extracts including turmeric extract, lavender flower extract, and cucumber extract for superior levels of bioactive nutrition to instill a radiant, healthy glow.

③ ANTI-AGING - Our clinical 20% Bakuchiol (a natural plant alternative to retinol), Vitamin C, Vitamin E + Coenzyme Q10 complex powers skin renewal and regeneration. These clinical actives work in synergy with high-potency plant extracts: Coenzyme Q10 pairs with Goji Berry to boost energy and vitality, Vitamin C pairs with Camu Camu to brighten the complexion, improve skin elasticity, and boost collagen production, Bakuchiol pairs with our replenishing plant oils to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

④ BOOSTS HAIR HEALTH - Scientifically-backed actives including rosemary extract, cocoa extract, horsetail extract, lavender extract, pumpkin seed oil, and hemp seed oil work alongside Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to improve scalp health, boost hair thickness and volume over time, and promote hair growth.

⑤ PROTECT AGAINST DAILY AGING - Superior levels of antioxidants and wound-healing plant therapeutics from powerful sources, including green tea and grape seed polyphenols, carotenoid-rich micro-algae, and adaptogen turmeric and chaga, help to repair, protect, and strengthen the skin against daily environmental stressors that age the skin including UV radiation, pollution, and stress.

⑥ EASE - Powerful therapeutic adaptogens like turmeric, chaga mushroom, and ginger help to ease tension, relieve muscle fatigue, and mitigate stress through the body.

Clinically Proven Actives

Celestial Potion combines the power of nutrient-rich plant oils, with high-potency herbal extracts, and whole-plant infusions for an unparalleled nutritive potion. It's supercharged with our clinical 20% Bakuchiol, C, E + CoQ10 complex for results-driven efficacy.

Vitamin A Rich Botanicals (Bakuchiol supported by Rosehip & Algae Carotenoids)
Promotes deep skin renewal, cell turnover, stimulates hair growth, and is regarded as a safe and natural alternative to retinols for its retinol-like benefits without the drawbacks. Carotenoids actively provide environmental protection for skin and hair.

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C)
An advanced, stable form of Vitamin C that penetrates deeper into the skin for increased potency and less downtime as compared to traditional forms of Vitamin C. Visibly brightens and evens the complexion, stimulates collagen production and protects skin and hair from UV radiation, and free radicals. Shown to neutralize DHT, responsible for hair loss. Engages with the scalp to strengthen hair and improve hair growth.

Vitamin E (Full Spectrum)
Fatty antioxidants that buffer against oxidation, fend off free-radicals, strengthen the skin barrier, and nourish the skin. Regarded as a critical for strong hair growth and healthy scalp.

Coenzyme Q10
An antioxidant compound found to be responsible for energy in every cell of the body. Shown to generate ATP which is crucial for skin regeneration and energy. Additional topical benefits include defense against UV, pollution, and stress.

Horsetail Extract
Known to improve blood circulation of the scalp, helping to stimulate hair growth. Rich in skin and hair friendly minerals: silica, selenium, and crysteine for stronger, healthier hair, and supple, smooth skin.

A biocompatible antioxidant component derived from organic olives. An emollient that is naturally found in our skin, responsible for the prevention of moisture loss, strengthening the barrier, and soothing the skin. Also a wonderful source of essential fatty acids which keeps the skin healthy, supple, and moisturized.

Green Tea Seed Oil, Moringa Oil, & Grape Seed Oil
Form the base composition of our carrier oil profile. Chosen for their high antioxidant profile, especially in polyphenols, which are regarded as best-in-class topical antioxidants for overall protection and repair. Their fine molecular size, in addition to their diverse and comprehensive essential fatty acid profile, provide incredible nutritional benefits, intensive skin nourishment, and an ideal texture adaptable for all skin types and for use on the face, hair, and body.


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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Because nutrition and wellness is holistic and comprehensive. The skin is our largest organ and can absorb nutrition for optimal function.

We created Celestial Potion as a topical supplement to compliment our ingestibles for 360 care.

Oils have so many benefits, chiefly:

1. They are exceptionally nutrient-dense and work as topical multivitamins.

2. They are intensively nourishing and bioactive, which results in the most benefit for the skin.

3. Fresh, organic, bioactive plant oils harbor the greatest therapeutic benefits for the skin and hair system.

As we looked into the best way to supplement topically, oil was the optimal conduit.

Apply this as the face oil/serum step of your regimen. Usually, this is after cleansing/toning, and before moisturizer cream/SPF.

No. Celestial Potion uses a plant oil base, and incorporates oil-soluble clinical actives, herbal extracts, and pure infused whole plants.

One of the reasons we instruct shaking the bottle before each use is because the whole plant infusions will leave some sediment that settles at the bottom. These are insoluble plant structures such as fibers, and cellulose cell walls, and are indicative of the true whole-plant nature of our Celestial Potion.

Yes! Our formula is non-photosensitizing and our active components are light stable.

There are so many skin types out there. According to some calculations, there are over 46 different skin types.

Our formula is dermatologist-tested for sensitivity and non-comedogenic (not likely to clog pores), making it a great formula for most.

All skin types can benefit from Celestial Potion, especially those seeking more nourishment, skin nutrition, and vitality.

Our formula is generally considered to be safe for pregnancy/lactation. However, as all cases may differ, if there is any individual concern, we recommend consulting your primary physician.

We recommend adjusting usage based on your need.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I purchased this oil for my face, but was interested in seeing how it would work for my scalp and hair. It’s immediately soothing and moisturizing. On my scalp, it immediately relieved itchy, flakey conditions, and felt really calming. During the drier winter months, I even used it on my chronically dry patches where it worked like a charm. This oil is a total dream!

Serene X.
Miracle potion

Resolved my skin's dry, itchy condition during the winter almost immediately. Miracle worker.

Love it!

Celestial Potion feels nice on the skin, gives my hair great conditioning, and relieves my scalp from irritation. It is light, but ample. Sometimes I use it as my only skincare product, and am loving how much it does all on its own!

Very luxurious oil

I can't get over how luxurious this oil feels. I love using it as a hair and scalp treatment. You can smell the fresh rosemary along with something sweet and flower like. This is moisturizing, not greasy, and plumps my skin too. I love it!

Olivia A.
Beautifully made

Celestial Potion is wonderfull made, and smells like herbs and flowers. It immediately relieves itchy scalp, and redness on my skin. And it makes my skin look soft and well pampered.