Our Ethos

MIJA means “my daughter”

in Spanish and is colloquial for “mi hija.”

MIJA used in everyday conversation as a term of endearment. As a female-founded business, it also speaks to our universal experience of women sharing traditions through the generations. We love the casualness, sincerity, and intimacy of the name and it reminds us of youth, family, love, and bliss, which is what we want all MIJA products to inspire and feel in people.

  • Sourcing

    Quality is front and center when it comes to sourcing for us. From lush goldenberries to vibrant turmeric, we carefully source all of our ingredients. Guaranteeing single-sourced origin of every single component in our formula. We work closely with local Californian growers and independent small farms around the world that incorporate organic, eco-sustainable, bio-dynamic practices to ensure ideal conditions from nutrient-rich soil to perfectly timed harvests so the ingredients we bottle are at their peak freshness and fulfill their nutritional potential.

    To date, our formulas are 100% certified-organic. Our single-sourced, direct-from-the-soil, plant material contains more active compounds and nutrients than other leading supplements.

    All raw plant material is lab-tested to ensure the highest of quality, nutritional value, and purity. The labs we use also work with professional sports teams for nutritional testing, so we're able to use cutting-edge tests to test for everything from radiation exposure and heavy-metal contamination to any residue impurity, which is not included in most labs for purity testing.

  • Process

    We work with each ingredient on an individual level to ensure that our extraction process is customized to guarantee that the full spectrum of nutrients is intact when they're bottled.

    Our proprietary extraction method uses no chemical solvents and does not damage the integrity of phytocompounds or micronutrients in the plant material. In some cases, our extraction process may amplify the expression of carefully selected nutrients to increase the concentration of rarer nutrients.

    Finally, our formula is tested for bio-availability to make sure the nutrients we extracted remain stable and can be fully absorbed by the body. Therefore, verifying that we select only the most biologically compatible forms of nutrients that the body can efficiently utilize.

    All active ingredients are lab-tested, and clinically backed. Additionally we have a panel of peers -- fellow board-certified registered dietitians and nutritionists, who taste, experience, and approve our products.

Community Wellness

  • MIJA believes that the key to wellness from within is also promoting wellness within the world. We are cruelty-free, which means we never test on animals nor work with labs that would conduct animal testing.

    The ingredients we use are sourced from fair-practice, ethical, and sustainable growers that also benefit the Earth and global communities.

  • MIJA is dedicated to environmental protection. We use carbon-neutral labels, shipping and product boxes made from FSC-certified, recyclable paper stock. FSC-certification means the box stock is sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible manner.

    Our packing material is recyclable and bio-degradable. The shipping peanuts will decompose entirely in water. Our glass jars are reusable and recyclable, while our labels, including the ink, are biodegradable and recyclable.