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Protect against Air Pollution with these Herbs🌿

These are the herbs you can get directly from your daily dose of SUPERSTAR for timely lung & body detox support (especially if you’re in an area impacted by air quality issues right now).

  • Green Tea (Matcha), contains the highest bioavailable concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) antioxidants which specifically reduce and repair lung damage from airborne pollution. Studies indicate it removes pathogens, inhibits infection, improves respiratory health, and detoxifies the lungs.¹

  • Moringa, a master detoxifying agent that binds impurities found in air pollution including arsenic, and noxious smoke residue. Shown to inhibit airway inflammation, prevent asthma, and improve overall lung function.²

  • Ginger, contains a potent main active gingerol, an incredible phytotherapeutic that helps to cleanse and strengthen the lungs, while delivering detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory benefits to the rest of the body. It’s recognized as one of the most effective detoxifying herbs that removes toxins and waste build-up in the liver, colon, and other main organs.³

  • Turmeric, contains the potent main active curcumin, which is primarily bioavailable in an effective dose in supplement form. Curcumin has been shown to improve lung function, even reducing COPD-symptoms, and protect the lungs from damage caused by air pollution and smoking. Turmeric is also a master detoxifier, and helps the liver modulate the elimination of toxins, and excess impurities by activation crucial ‘phase 2’ detoxifying enzymes that process external impurities, environmental toxins, and volatile chemicals.⁴  

**Tip: It’s estimated that 24 hours of the air in NYC right now is equal to smoking 6 cigarettes. Be sure to take Superstar consistently for a period of at least 5-7 days for compounded benefits. Each travel pouch provides this many uses, or opt for our full jar for more!**

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