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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Curated by Renee Lynn Frojo, Co-founder of TAAVI

Renee Lynn Frojo is an amazing woman, mom, writer, photographer, leader, and entrepreneur. We originally met Renee at a foodie event many years ago and instantly connected. Renee has a vibe about her that is so inviting and warm. She’s traveled the world and she’s easily able to relate to people. Her smile is heart-warming and her laughter is infectious. It’s fun to have a good time. Not only is Renee super talented, she’s also a connector and incredible entrepreneur. As co-founder of Taavi (Takes a Village), she knows the importance of building a strong community that empowers women and parents. Cheers to making the world a smaller and better place. 

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Renee is sharing some of her favorite gifts to give to the special women in your life. These gift ideas will bring joy and comfort – what all women need every day.

  1. Fellow Carter travel mug: It’s a rare and special day when I get to drink a full cup of my morning coffee before running out the door for the goat rodeo that’s school drop off. So, I need something that allows me to take my coffee on the road. I’ve gone through many travel mugs, and Fellow’s is by far my favorite. It’s minimal and sleek, it comes in pretty colors (like sage green), the lid stays snug, and it keeps my coffee hot—but not so hot that I can’t drink it. 
  2. Superstar by MIJA: Morning rituals are important and I like having Superstar after my morning cup of coffee. While I do my best to eat a well-balanced diet of whole foods, I definitely need a boost of this superfood supplement to keep me going strong. Maintaining my health means everything.
  3. DRAM waters: Just as I need a coffee in the morning to fuel my day, I need a drink at night to bring me back down. These little DRAM sparkling hemp and CBD-infused drinks are the best alternative to alcohol that do nothing more than take the edge off. Made with all sorts of berries and leaves and mushrooms and bitters, they also taste delicious. I recommend these so often to people I feel like I should start getting a commission cut. 
  4. TAAVI Membership: I don’t think I could’ve survived early motherhood without a community of other supportive new mothers around me. That’s where TAAVI came in. It groups you with pregnant and postpartum moms in the same stages of motherhood and gives you access to resources and professionals ready and willing to answer your most pressing questions (of which there are a lot in those early stages!) You can buy a gift subscription for a new mom by emailing the founder
  5. Aaptiv: Another app I love is Aaptiv. Since having kids, the only way I’ve been able to consistently exercise is by carving out 15 to 30-minute windows of time to do workouts at home. I love Apptive because I can choose the type of workout I want (strength training, running, yoga), the trainer I like, the duration, intensity, body part focus and anything else I could think of. I mostly do 20-minute HIIT and Barre workouts and I’ve never been fitter. True story.
  6. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer: These, in my opinion, are the most perfect lip balms on the market. They stay on for a long time, they’re nontoxic and the rhubarb and cherry flavors give just the perfect amount of natural tint without looking too red. 
  7. Origins Plantscriptions Overnight Mask: This was a game changer for my skincare routine. After I started using this overnight cream, nothing else could ever compare. And, my skin has never looked better. Love this stuff. Love. It.
  8. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: Another thing I’m convinced is helping my skin, hair and nails is Vital Proteins original collagen peptides. I put a scoop in my tea (after that my coffee) every single day. I can’t say for certain, but I’m convinced it works to keep everything looking and feeling healthy. Well, that and a good night’s sleep.
  9. Heath Ceramics Flower Pots: Okay, so I’m a sucker for most Heath Ceramic pottery (remarkably, the dishware doesn’t shatter), but the little pots are the perfect gift for anyone and any style. Just make sure you get their color scheme right. 
  10. Chatbooks: In my opinion, there’s nothing more sentimental or special than a framed photograph for a gift. In fact, I gift myself these things all the time! I love Chatbooks because it’s so easy and seamless to print photos as stand-alone cards or little books of a collection of photos. It takes the memories off my phone and puts them on the coffee table, where the whole family enjoys them often. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. 



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