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MIJA Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

  1. Superstar by MIJA: Because loving yourself means taking care of yourself from the inside out, I’ll give a jar of Superstar to my dearest friends who value Wellness from Within. Optimize your health by filling in the nutritional gaps – Superstar is where it’s at.


  2. Liquid Courage by YÜLI: Giving the gift of anti-aging love through an antioxidant-packed face oil and serum in one is a fabulous gift. And the name says it all, when you want to feel fierce and confident, Liquid Courage is my go-to powerhouse for radiant, glowing skin.


  3. Sage Cleansing Oil by Monastery: I love going to bed with a fresh face free of all the dirt and makeup that’s accumulated during the day and I know my friends do, too. It’s great to give a gift that removes the day’s grime while hydrating the skin and protecting it. Make it your daily self-care ritual.


  4. Lab-03 Rooted Lip, Cheek, & Lid Balm by Olio E Osso: Having soft, kissable lips with a boost of color is always desirable. This 3-in-1 lip balm is also made with edible, natural ingredients because what we put on our skin, we should be able to ingest safely. And when you buy this for a friend, you’re also paying it forward because 50% of the proceeds go to Portland’s Wild Diversity, a nonprofit which supports BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.


  5. Cashmere Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow by Bodha: Relaxing with the fresh scent of lavender and chamomile while relieving facial tension through the softest eye-pillow is a must for anyone who ever experiences an ounce of stress. I always want my friends to feel blissful and rejuvenated after resting their eyes.


  6. Organic Grow Kits by Back to the Roots: Growing your own herbs, microgreens, lavender, and more in a windowsill planter box is so special. My friends can live anywhere while enjoy their own, personal herb gardens from sustainable, organic farmers.


  7. Black Truffle Sea Salt 10% by Selezione Tartufi: Literally, this salt is packed with 10% of black truffle flakes. I’m obsessed with black truffles and could devour them daily over almost any meal. Your friends’ mouths will be orgasming with this burst of flavor.


  8. Chocolate by Dandelion in San Francisco: When every bite of chocolate gives you an experience of distinct flavors, you have to share this with others. For friends who have a sweet tooth, they’ll find magic with each bite. And there are lots of gift and sampler options.


  9. The Date Gift Box by Just Dates: It includes 1 pound of organic medjool dates, 3 bottles of Just Date Syrup, and The Date Cookbook. Date syrup is super yummy and made with just 1 ingredient – dates. It’s literally the tastiest, all natural syrup to add to any recipe requiring that extra sweet love.


  10. Meat to the Side: A Plant Forward Guide to Bringing Balance to Your Plate by Liren Baker (aka Kitchen Confidante). I’m such a fan of Liren’s cookbook. The recipes are made from the heart and she puts so much love into her food, you leave feeling satiated and delighted. We use this cookbook weekly in our home.


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