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Let's dive into what makes Celestial Potion unlike any other serum.

Our incredible all-over, multi-use oil format serum for the face, body, and hair is unlike anything you've tried before. Get to know what makes Celestial Potion so spectacular.

It starts with nutrition. Like our Superstar daily ingestible, Celestial Potion is also nutritionist formulated to deliver true nutrition. Only this time, via topical, transdermal channels. While it should be no surprise that Celestial Potion's formula incorporates 66% of the superfoods found in Superstar, our potion combines the best of bioavailable superfood nutrition with clinical performance in our Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E (ACE) + CoQ10 complex. 

Check out our video below as our co-founder and nutritionist, Sarah Koszyk, RDN, walks through Celestial Potion:



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